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Step 1:

Mount the power center on the wall wire leads facing down.

Step 2:

Turn all breakers to off position.

Step 3:

Wire battery according to wiring diagram (click to download pdf) - based on the type of batteries you purchased.

Step 4:

Attach inverter and battery charger cables to the two free battery posts positive to positive and negative to negative. Cables are color coded.

Step 5:

Mount solar panels in their permanent location.

Step 6:

(If equipped with 4 panels) then wire ( plug) 1 set of two panels in series positive to negative leaving one master positive and one master negative. Repeat with the second set of two panels. (if equipped with 4 panels ) Use supplied parallel connector to attach the two positives to one parallel connector and two negative cables to second parallel connector. Leaving with one master positive and negative Wire solar panels according to supplied wiring diagram.

Step 7:

Use supplied pre made jumpers and plug in jumpers to master positive and negative cables from solar array.

Step 8:

Run master positive and negative cables from solar into power center location.

Step 9:

Plug in solar cables to power center.

Step 10:

Flip on large breaker wait 10 - 20 seconds.

Step 11:

Turn both small breakers on at the same time.

Step 12:

Turn Inverter to the on position and plug in test item to ensure operation.

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